Celeste Eden

The little girl designs art by Jennie in The Creative Retreat really gave me permission to tap into my inner child and create art of my own that does not have to be perfect. I had the pleasure of completing my retreat Workbook while enjoying pasture views in my backyard. It was a perfect “get-away,” because Jennie transports you with her writing. The weather was perfect and I had uninterrupted “me time.” I felt so rejuvenated and creative afterward! So many new ideas came to my mind, my gratitude increased and my excitement for life was renewed. I devoured the original PDF and I am anxiously waiting for my New BOOK to come in the mail any day. I highly recommend Jennie; she knows exactly what you are thinking and helps you reform negative inner talk into art that deserves to be born into your world. It is fantastic. You will be happier, and more peaceful after reading The Creative Retreat.