30 Days of Happy Videos

Have you ever set an intention for your day or even the next moment you're walking into? This practice is integral for living in the moment and practicing joy! I hope you'll join me for this last day of our challenge!
Today's prompt is to go on a media fast. Do you dare? Let me tell you a secret about consuming less and creating more . . . it will make you way more happy! I'm serious!
Have you ever taken a mini-retreat? They are the best thing in the whole wide world, if you ask me. I love how taking a few minutes to pursue my creativity refreshes me and fills me with happiness.
Today's prompt for the happy journal challenge is to make a treat for a friend or sweetheart! Let's pass on the love and happiness in this simple way.
Today on the happy journal challenge, you will write out your values. I'll share some tips to help you really make these a priority in your life!
Yes! This is such a fun prompt! We are going to wear an outfit or accessory that makes us happy today. What will you wear?
Today we are going to let go of something that is hurting us. Whew, this is a hard one but worth it because it directly affects our happiness.
Today's prompt is one that will keep on encouraging you for a while even though it is super simple. Write a quote out, preferably one of your favorites.
Today's prompt is brought to you by children everywhere. (Our best teachers.) We are going to feel the weather (and enjoy it!)
Have you ever bought yourself an artist gift? What would it mean to your happiness if you decided to go for it and honor your inner artist? I love this idea!
Even if you've got a black thumb, you can participate in today's prompt! Buy a plant and bring some life and beauty into your life (and increase your happiness!)
What's your favorite story from childhood? Today for the happy journal challenge, we are going to share that story with a child in our life. Time to pass on the love!
Have you ever received a surprise present? Aren't they THE BEST?! Today we're going to pay it forward in our happy journal challenge and make someone's day. Click over to learn how.
Okay, I'll admit I'm not much of a picnic fan, but in an effort to infuse more magic into my life, I'm all for this happy journal challenge prompt. If I can do this, you definitely can!
Did you know that laughter is good for your heart and health? It is! Today we're going to watch a movie that gives us a good belly laugh for the happy journal challenge. Join us!
Today our prompt for the happy journal challenge is to immediately do those random acts of kindness that flit through our minds throughout the day. What will you do?
When was the last time you had the opportunity to try something new in your life or creative life? Doing so is great for your happiness. Click over to learn more!
Welcome to Day 13 in our Happy Journal Challenge. Today we are going to look up and outside of ourselves for signs of joy and beauty.
Welcome to Day 12 of the Happy Journal Challenge. Our prompt for today is to give your sweetheart a hug. You can also give a hug to anyone, if you'd like. Click through for the video!
Want to know a quick way to raise your happiness meter? Show appreciation to those around you. Not even kidding. It works every time. Click over to learn more.
Welcome to the happy journal challenge! Grow your mindfulness and happiness muscles through this creative challenge. Today's prompt is to find a heart shape in nature. Watch the video, and get inspired. :)
Welcome to day nine of our challenge! Today our challenge is to dance across the room. Now I don't mean you need to stand up at work and pirouette to the coffee maker. You totally can do this one in the comfort and safety of your own home.
Learn how to draw your day as a fun way to record your gratitude. I've been doing this for years, and I LOVE looking back on journals filled with happiness. I'll show you how easy it is today.
When you think about all of the amazing foods in this world, it's pretty staggering. But most of us stick to the same old meals day in and day out. For today's happy journal challenge, we are going to enjoy a new food.
Let's write a love note! I love this prompt for the happy journal challenge! You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to write a love note to someone. Click through to watch the video and join us!
Want to increase your happiness quotient? In the happy journal challenge, we explore a variety of ways to enjoy the little things in life. Today our prompt is to read a book. Super easy! Click through for today's video!
Grow your mindfulness and happiness muscles with the happy journal challenge! Today we're going to take some time for meditation. Ah, deep breaths. Download your booklet and click to watch today's video.
Looking for a way to find more joy in your life? You'll LOVE this simple (and fun) happy journal challenge! Click through to watch the video!
Today we're going to draw a cat in a way that will kick out perfectionism! Click through for the video. :)
Join this challenge to grow your happiness muscles and grow in mindfulness! Today is our first prompt, and it's definitely one of my favorites. :) Click through to watch the video!
I'm Jennie, author of the book, Happy Journal, Happy Life, and your host of the happy journal challenge. In the next 30 days, we are going to grow our mindfulness and happiness muscles as we look for and expect the good things in our lives.