Need blog post ideas? Here's a freebie for 100+ ideas plus deeper dives into three that work for this blogger every day. I'm going to try #3 ASAP.

How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas In Your Sleep

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Join the Increase Your Blog Income Challenge!

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Well, I'm writing a book. Would you like to join me? I've been working on a new book for most of the year, but went about it the WRONG way. Here's what I'm doing differently.

I’m Writing a Book . . . Want to Join Me?

At the beginning of the year, I began writing a book. Except, instead of writing said book the normal way, I jumped into this project with three blank sketchbooks and began illustrating and hand-writing it.

Every day for months, I wrote four pages a day. I wrote until I had those three sketchbooks filled to the brim.

And then I stopped.

My initial thought had been I would scan all of those pages and add color spots to them as I had done for some of the pages in The Creative Retreat. The problem was, have you ever scanned hundreds of non-related pages? And the thought of color-correcting each and every one of them . . . Oh. My. Goodness.

I'm so not a salesperson but after I read this post, I realized that "marketing" is really just sharing what I love with my family and friends. And my blog people are definitely my friends! :) This is so awesome—I'm excited to get started with making money through my blog now

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I’m so going to do #5 on this list! I’ve wanted to take a blogging course but couldn’t afford it. This article turned my thinking upside down and made me realize I can Do This. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited!

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