Hey there, our business is going through some big changes as of July 2019. Here's our update about the restructuring. All of our creative products and books will still be available so you can be encouraged to nurture your God-given creativity!

A New Chapter: Restructuring Our Business

This post includes a video announcement of how my husband and I are restructuring our business starting July 2019. We…

Need blog post ideas? Here's a freebie for 100+ ideas plus deeper dives into three that work for this blogger every day. I'm going to try #3 ASAP.

How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas In Your Sleep

“How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas In Your Sleep” is the second in a couple of posts for…

Join our blogging challenge and learn 7 strategies on how to increase your blog's income. You can do this!

Join the Increase Your Blog Income Challenge!

UPDATE: The increase your blog income challenge is officially over! But you can STILL sign up for the free eBook…

Well, I'm writing a book. Would you like to join me? I've been working on a new book for most of the year, but went about it the WRONG way. Here's what I'm doing differently.

I’m Writing a Book . . . Want to Join Me?

At the beginning of the year, I began writing a book. Except, instead of writing said book the normal way, I jumped into this project with three blank sketchbooks and began illustrating and hand-writing it.

Every day for months, I wrote four pages a day. I wrote until I had those three sketchbooks filled to the brim.

And then I stopped.

My initial thought had been I would scan all of those pages and add color spots to them as I had done for some of the pages in The Creative Retreat. The problem was, have you ever scanned hundreds of non-related pages? And the thought of color-correcting each and every one of them . . . Oh. My. Goodness.

Mentoring is a great way to grow personally and professionally, but what if you don't know anyone who can mentor you? No worries, you can still be mentored by some of the top leaders in the world. Seriously. This is how I do it. :) (P.S. This is a really awesome idea for introverts!)

How to Be Mentored by Anyone

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be mentored by your hero? It might not be as difficult as you think. Here’s how to be mentored from the best in your industry.

Years ago, I began noticing how leaders across niches and work spaces were talking more and more about mentoring. I wanted to be mentored too, but when I looked around, I wasn’t sure who to ask. Or what a mentoring relationship would look like.

I imagined sitting in a cafe with a seasoned writer, talking about our creative careers, and hashing out what was holding me back. I imagined homework, because my personality type loves homework.

What a great list of books for your business! I need to read these as I want to grow my blog and online business this year. I especially appreciate that this summer reading list is not niche-specific and is more leadership and wealth-building based. Great resource!

Summer Reading List for Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard this before but it bears repeating: “Leaders are readers.” In this digital age,…

Download this list of the best affiliate programs for DIY bloggers. Love this because you don't have to have a huge blog to make money with affiliate marketing.

The Best Affiliate Programs for DIY Bloggers

Hey blogging friends! My Best Affiliate Programs for DIY Bloggers PDF is no longer available, but here are some resources…

I'm so not a salesperson but after I read this post, I realized that "marketing" is really just sharing what I love with my family and friends. And my blog people are definitely my friends! :) This is so awesome—I'm excited to get started with making money through my blog now

5 Affiliate Programs That Won’t Make You Feel Weird

These affiliate programs for beginners won’t make you feel weird when you share them with your readers. In fact, at…

I love to shop online so this is perfect for me! I didn't realize I could actually earn money back by doing this.

How I Earn Money Online (Buying Stuff We Need & Want)

When I decided to stay home with our daughter after she was born, I knew I needed to figure out…

I’m so going to do #5 on this list! I’ve wanted to take a blogging course but couldn’t afford it. This article turned my thinking upside down and made me realize I can Do This. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited!

7 Fast Ways to Earn Income to Invest In Your Blog

It’s not a strategy that’s talked about a lot but if you want to grow your blog, you’ve got to…