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  • How to DIY Your Own Creative Retreat Workbook

    How to DIY Your Own Creative Retreat Workbook

    Please note, I wrote this post for the first version of my Creative Retreat workbook because it was a PDF printable. The new paperback version makes this post obsolete but it’s still a fun idea to make your own notebook, so I’m leaving it up for now! 🙂 When we were taking pictures for The…

  • The Creative Retreat

    The Creative Retreat

    **Updated July 2016** This post was originally written when I released the first version of The Creative Retreat. However, that PDF has now been completely updated and published as a book! You can get it here, or read my story below. I’ll also share how to get the book at the end of the post.…

  • The Benefits of Creative Prompts

    The Benefits of Creative Prompts

    When I was in elementary school, I had a teacher who wrote writing prompts on the blackboard (dating myself here) for us to use in our free writing. I’ve since been exposed to many different ways to use creative prompts, and they are one of my favorite exercises to do. I love how the word,…