The Creative Retreat BOOK is here! This 116-page full-color book has been completely updated and is now available. You'll learn how to DIY your own personal retreats, make time for creativity, and keep your creative spirit going all year-round. Learn more at

The Creative Retreat Book (Plus a Video Tour)

You’re creative. You know that, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re not a knitter or a painter. At the core of who you are, creativity flows. You might lead meetings at work like they’re nothing, you might plant a garden every spring that turns magic in the summer, or you might know how to put on an awesome dance party for your toddlers. Whatever your giftings are (and you have many), you’re creative.

But so often we get overwhelmed with the busyness of life. All of the other important things crowd out this creative impulse inside of us. Please believe me that this is something I struggle with too. But slowly but surely, I’ve taken little steps here and there to make creativity a priority in my life and to keep it that way. This doesn’t mean that I’m taking exorbitant amounts of time to create, but it does mean that I am taking some time. I pull out the watercolors for my daughter and I, and we make things.

Isn’t it funny (or sad?) how we tend to complicate things that are important to us? (Maybe that’s a subject for another post, right?)

I wrote The Creative Retreat workbook because I needed to remind myself that I didn’t have to take a huge amount of time in order to work on my creative projects (and if you’ve been around here for a while, that seems to be a pervading theme!) 🙂

The Creative Retreat is about finding space HERE in the moment, creating opportunities out of what we already have on hand, and filling up the fragments of “extra” time with creative JOY. Your personal retreats don’t have to be fancy, costly, or time-consuming. They’re meant to be that bit of time that fills your well, puts the sparkle back into your eyes, and fuels your beautiful (and busy!) life.

Well, it’s hard to believe since this has been my big project for the year, but The Creative Retreat workbook has been completely updated and is now available as a paperback to order. I’m so glad to finally be able to share it with you! It includes 116 full-color pages of inspiration, creative exercises, and even some journaling pages to jot down ideas. I thought I’d record a video to walk you through the pages, so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about here. So here it is:


I truly think this book will help you as you learn to make time for what makes your heart sing. You can learn more about the book and what other people are saying about it by clicking here. And for those who are curious about the picture at the top of this post, those are some of the printable items I created for the deluxe package. There’s a printable coloring book, cards, mini-books, podcasts, and full-color prints—phew! This year has been full of drawing, that’s for sure! 🙂

Have a wonderful {and creative} day!



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