Lovely Fall Crafts to Make This Year

Lovely, Creative, & Simple Fall Crafts that you've got to try this year! Learn how to preserve leaves, paint a gorgeous watercolor leaf, and make a book page pumpkin! Too much fun @

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Fall is in the air here in the Pacific Northwest. Seemingly overnight, we went from wearing shorts to searching for our sweatshirts. The leaves have burst into color and are fluttering to the ground, and I’m sipping extra cups of tea because it just feels fitting to drink tea when it’s raining and cool outside.

There are so many amazing crafts around the internet during this time of year–wreaths and costumes and centerpieces are on everyone’s minds. I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite tutorials that I’ve got to try this fall. From painting colorful leaves to making a pumpkin out of an old book, I’ve got you covered!

Fall Crafts to Make this Year

Make a pumpkin out of an old bookThis pumpkin by Crafting Mom caught my eye because it is so incredibly cute. A whole series of little book pumpkins would be perfect on a mantle. And if you know someone who happens to have a fall birthday and loves to decorate her home to match the seasons, this would be such a fun gift. I love book art so am always inspired when I see other people’s creativity when it comes to such a humble medium. I made some leaves recently which could easily be changed into fall leaves this time of year if you want to try a super simple book art craft.

Vintage fabric pumpkinsBev from Flamingo Toes never fails to create gorgeous projects, and (of course!) these pumpkins do not disappoint. I can imagine seeing a pile of these little pumpkins at a craft show (and I’m sure they would sell out in minutes.) So very darling. If you made a smaller sized pumpkin, it could double as a pincushion. Love. love. love!

Preserve fall leaves – Have you ever preserved fall leaves? I have been meaning to try this tutorial by The Mamas Girls for a while and have got to just try it already. I usually gather lots of leaves during the fall during our walks (can’t help myself from picking up the confetti of color!) and press them in books to make them flat. After that, though, the poor leaves usually end up crumbling as time goes by. It would be so magical to preserve a bunch of leaves this year and carefully string them together to make a one-of-a-kind fall garland.

Super cute leaf garland – Speaking of garlands, this felt leaf garland from A Beautiful Mess is so beyondo cute, I can’t stand it. I mean, we’re talking felt here, which is one of the most forgiving mediums/fabrics of all time (in my opinion.) This would be a fun project to whip up with the kids since it is very simple.

Paint a gorgeous watercolor leaf – Vivian Swift’s work is absolutely stunning and this fall leaf tutorial is awe-mazing. I just spent 10 minutes scrolling up and down her page looking at each photo to see how she painted the leaf. Her secret is sketching the leaf lightly and then painting cell by cell…but really, you need to just click over and see the beauty because I’m not doing it any justice by trying to describe it to you. I’m absolutely going to try her technique this fall.

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What about you? Are you working on any fall craft projects this year? Do you have any go-to crafts you like to bring out to work on in the cooler months?