Have you ever tried happy journaling with your kiddos? It's such a great way to count your blessings and teach gratitude. Plus you can use all the fun pens! #ad @Target @pilotpenUSA #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias

How to Happy Journal With Kids

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Today I’m going to share how to happy journal with kids! Spending time in your gratitude journal after a busy day is a great stress-free activity for moms AND kids, so let’s get started.

The start of a new school year means my favorite thing ever: school supplies. We homeschool but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t stalking the aisles at Target in July waiting for the summer decor to be moved to the side so I could stock up on pens and notebooks and glue sticks. There’s just something about a new school year that proclaims, “Fresh Start” in my head.

With that in mind, my kiddo and I made a trip over to Target to refill our school supplies bin. We lingered over glittery backpacks, wipe board calendars, and cute erasers. And then we walked over to our favorite aisle in the store: the pen aisle.

Here is the 18 pack of G2 pens from Pilot Pen. They are so much fun to play with—I'm definitely a fan. #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

I know, I know. That sounds dramatic, but you guys. We are journaling people here. We draw on the daily. My kiddo goes through G2® gel pens like you wouldn’t believe. And true to form, the second we stepped into this magical aisle, she beelined for the Pilot Pen area and slipped a large pack of G2® pens off the rack like a pro.

Do other first graders have a preferred pen? I’m not going to judge because I’m the same way.

If you haven’t tried them before, G2® pens come in four point sizes and are a smooth writing gel ink pen. They are our favorite pen to draw with in our journals so I wasn’t too surprised that they’re also the #1 selling gel ink brand in America. Um, yeah.

The Frixion Fineliner pens from Pilot Pen are new to me, but oh my goodness, I am hooked! I am using them for everything now...happy journaling, grocery lists, to do lists, notes to friends. LOVE. #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias Here is the 18 pack of G2 pens from Pilot Pen. They are so much fun to play with—I'm definitely a fan. #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

Today was special because we were test-driving the Pilot Pen G2® 18 pack and the FriXion Fineliner 12 pack. I’m very familiar with the G2®  (see above) but the Fineliners are new to Target and to me. They have a smooth writing gel ink as well but they are ERASABLE.

AND they have 0.6 mm fine tips for those who are picky like me. I like to draw and color in miniature form in my happy journals so fine tipped pens are a must.

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I'm so very grateful these days. Life has thrown us so many curve balls as of late, and yet, in the midst of it all, there are still so many joys and glimmers of happy around. I'm so grateful for the little (big) things. #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

How to Happy Journal With Kids

One of my favorite ways to decompress after a long day is happy journaling. It’s my version of a gratitude journal where you literally draw your day. Stick figures are encouraged and welcome so even if you’re not a great artist, you can sketch out the happy moments from your day. Or simply draw out what is currently bringing you a smile.

All you need is a blank piece of paper and a pen. Seriously.

In our family, we use blank journals and a pack of gel pens. We usually draw our pictures in black ink and fill in with color, but you can do whatever you like. Keep the “rules” as basic as possible for maximum success. 🙂

Just doodling in my happy journal...my daughter and I painted together today, and I'm always so inspired by her. She makes it into my happy journal a LOT. #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

I love how this practice is not something I need to do sequestered in my room after my kiddo is asleep. When I pulled out my happy journal to try these new pens, my kiddo grabbed her notebook and plopped down beside me. She gave me those big doe eyes and said in the sweetest voice, “Can you share with me?”

Oh my goodness, these G2 pens are soooo wonderful! I swatched them out immediately and love the vibrant colors. #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

Gratitude journaling with kids doesn’t have to be a thing. In fact, please don’t make it one. I simply ask, “What made you happy today?” and leave it at that. Sometimes she draws what we actually did that day. Today she drew fairies with brilliantly colored outfits and wings.

When you're trying to think about what makes you happy AND you're a kid . . . you might just draw a fairy wearing a fancy dress. Just seeing this picture makes ME happy. :) #ad @Target @pilotpenUSA #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

Just seeing her drawings made ME smile. That’s one of the things I love about happy journaling together. Our ideas play off each other, and before I know it, any of the stress from the day melts off of me. It’s such a nice way to wind down.

Another amazing benefit is after several days and weeks of happy journaling, you’ll have this beautiful record of the good in your life in doodle form. It is so much fun to flip through our little happy journals and remember together.

This is such a fun way to swatch out a set of Frixion Fineliner pens! Waves away! #ad @Target @pilotpenUSA #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

Another Fun Happy Journal Idea

A fun way to test the colors of new pens in your happy journal is to create a border. I made one with wavy lines like the picture above. The FriXion pens are essentially fine tipped markers and have a slight transparency to them. This means you can draw, let the marks dry, and then add more detail. (Kind of like how you can add a layer with gouache.)

You can also swatch them out the old fashion way too by drawing little squares and coloring them in. Just seeing all of these colors made me happy so I noted that in my journal. Hey, it’s the simple things.

My kiddo LOVES G2 pens. To the point where she can spy them in any store and tends to slip a new pack into my shopping basket when I'm not looking. Hey, I get it. These pens are really good. #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

Always Remember This When You Happy Journal

Which reminds me. All of those little mundane things that you do every day? Those are your LIFE. Embrace it. Investigate it. Mine out the lovely. You’ll be surprised when you put on your happy journal glasses and find that even in times where life is frustrating, painful, and lonely, there is still beauty all around.

Just a layout of my happy journal spread using Frixion Fineliner pens. These marker pens are soooo nice, AND they erase. As my kid says, "Pretty cool, huh?" #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

I took a few pictures at Target in order to show you exactly where these pens are located. The FriXion Fineliners were in the middle of the pen aisle (not in the school supplies) at my store.

Try these cute FriXion Fineliner pens from Target! They're great for happy journaling, art journaling, and doodling! #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

And the G2® pens were located on the very bottom rack of the pen aisle. I’m guessing this is because the 18 pack is so large!

Try these awesome G2 pens from Target! They're great for happy journaling, art journaling, and doodling! #ad #PilotPenBackToSchool #PowerToThePen #CollectiveBias @Target @pilotpenUSA

I hope this tutorial encourages you to start your own happy journal. Whether you do this activity with your child or by yourself after a long day, I know it will encourage your heart and bring a smile to your face!

Have a wonderful {and creative} day!


Remember: Here’s a Cartwheel coupon available August 26th to September 2nd, 2019: 15% off all Pilot (includes G2®, FriXion, Precise & Acroball pens) AND a Promo Code for FriXion: $1.00 off all FriXion 7/7/19 – 9/8/19, code: FRIXION



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