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  • How to Make a Cloud Magnet

    How to Make a Cloud Magnet

    We were so spoiled last year with a mild winter and a long summer that it almost feels strange to have clouds, clouds!, in the sky. However we do live in the Pacific Northwest so I believe embracing the clouds and rain is healthier than living in denial. 🙂 This past year I’ve fallen in…

  • Make a Clay Matching Game

    Make a Clay Matching Game

    Have you ever made a homemade matching game? Many years ago, I used to make them with the kids I babysat. We would draw pictures of like objects on little squares of paper and when we were finished, we would play the game. Folks, it’s the simple things. I always liked the idea of choosing…

  • Make a Clay Necklace

    Make a Clay Necklace

    Have you ever played with air-dry clay? I’ve been wanting to make a clay necklace with homemade beads for a very long time but since I thought it would be a big learning curve, I put it off. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote out a list of several projects that are on…