Use Your Art Supplies

Have you ever struggled with saving your best art and creativity supplies because they're so NICE? You'll appreciate this article.

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Here is a small manifesto about you taking the time to finally USE your art supplies. The precious, beautiful, perfect, and expensive ones. It’s time.

It used to be that when I bought a pen I liked or a pretty little journal, I would keep them nice and pretty and “safe.” I still have Twin Star stickers that are in mint condition from my childhood. (Long live Hello Kitty and her friends!) But if there’s one thing my daughter has taught me, it is this:

Art supplies and creative supplies of all kinds are meant to be used.

Soft watercolor crayons are meant to be drawn with until they’re nubs.

Watercolor pencils were made to be drawn with, sharpened, and used until they are miniatures of their former selves.

Stickers are meant to be peeled off and stuck onto something else.

Pens need to be written with until the ink runs out.

Journals must be filled with doodles, random thoughts, nothingness, mistakes, and genius ideas.

Use The Creative Retreat book and fill it with your drawings and musings!

In other words, I’ve learned to be less precious with my supplies.

My kid blazes through blank books and stickers. She goes through black gel pens like you wouldn’t believe. But when I see the amount of work she’s creating, I’m stopped in my tracks.

So THAT’S how it’s done.

Today, my challenge for you is to take out that item you’ve been “saving” for a rainy day and USE IT.

I’m using my lovely Rifle Paper Co. journal as a

Isn't this the prettiest journal ever? And the pen is my new favorite for happy journaling. :)

Can I just tell you what a pleasure it is to use a nice journal like this? Wow.

That’s the untold bonus in this exercise. You finally get to ENJOY the amazing supplies you own. It’s an early Christmas gift to yourself.

Keep on creating . . .





P.S. Both of my books, The Creative Retreat and Happy Journal, Happy Life encourage you to use what you have on hand to create! You can purchase both of them on Amazon. 🙂