Hey there, our business is going through some big changes as of July 2019. Here's our update about the restructuring. All of our creative products and books will still be available so you can be encouraged to nurture your God-given creativity!

A New Chapter: Restructuring Our Business


This post includes a video announcement of how my husband and I are restructuring our business starting July 2019. We appreciate your support so much! We’re not going to be completely gone, but this is definitely going to be a change.

Over the past year, I have increasingly realized we needed to change some things. I’m a stay-at-home mom and am homeschooling my kiddo which has meant less and less time during the day to dedicate to my business. As “old-fashioned” as this may seem, my priority is to be the manager of my home. And in many ways, I’ve come to see that each season has its own limitations.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just a fact of life. Not one of us can do all the things all the time. We change, let some things go, add other things.

The thing is, I really love this business. So does my husband. We’ve poured years into it and have spent many, many weekends, early mornings, and late nights to make it viable. It has been a labor of love, a passion project, and So Much Fun in many ways.

At the beginning of the year, I made my goals as usual, planned out the quarters, and set to work. Restructuring our business and closing down many of the main components of it was the furthest thing on my mind. Seriously.

It wasn’t until one evening when I was talking to my husband about something completely different that I suddenly stopped, looked at him, and said, “I think it’s time to close down much of this business.” It was so out of the blue but I knew in my heart, that it really was time.

So what does this mean?

Many of the day-to-day aspects of this business are going to end. Because of time constraints, mainly. I simply don’t have the time I used to have to update social media, send out emails, and especially create content (even though I have so many ideas!)

However, I will keep my blog and shop up. Over the years, I have created so much content and many resources that are still helpful. My books will continue to be sold on Amazon, and digital goods will still be in my shop. (This arrangement will also help this business to remain sustainable since it is not free to have a blog online. I do not run ads on my blog, so the only way to pay for monthly hosting fees, etc. is to bring in some income.)

I have absolutely been encouraged and nourished in my own creative and spiritual life by so many who have published books and articles years ago, some hundreds of years ago! I know that this content can and will still encourage many who stumble upon it in the years to come. So I’ll keep it up.

I’ll also keep my social media accounts—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—but will no longer be posting to them regularly. A kind of quirky fact about me is I don’t even have these apps on my phone. I honestly forget to check them without literal reminders buzzing at me throughout the day.

I will absolutely miss the day-to-day interactions with you on these platforms, though. Each of you have been an integral part of making this business real. You’ve encouraged me so much, and I’m so grateful for you!

Thank you so very much!

I’ll still be around, making sure your orders go through and making sure the blog is still up and running. But mostly, I’ll be back here in my little world, filling up my happy journal, going on adventures with my family, and enjoying the beauty all around us. I’m looking forward to more creative time, more writing, and just more in-the-moment living.

I truly hope you too will continue your creative journey. YOU have so much to offer your corner of the world. We all do!

Have a lovely {and creative} day, friends.






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7 responses to “A New Chapter: Restructuring Our Business”

  1. Terri Avatar

    I’m so pleased/enriched to see and hear that you have sensed that this season of your life is going to take some new pruning and cultivating; that you’re hopeful and ready to explore the “best” that is to come. I love you guys!!

  2. María Teresa Varela Avatar
    María Teresa Varela

    Congratulations and the best of lucks whith your home schooling!

  3. LeAnne Martin Avatar

    Good for you, Jennie! I’ll miss your emails and your projects and your inspiration–thanks for all your hard work and encouragement. Enjoy this new season of your life with your daughter! May you all be abundantly blessed.

  4. Christine Avatar

    Thanks Jennie for your encouragement and example and all the best with this new chapter in your life.

  5. Ahrabella Heabe Lewis Avatar

    Thank you Jeannie for your inspiration and the
    gifts of creativity you offer, am now committed to keeping a Happy Journal as part of my creative life.
    You are wise to make changes to your life and seek a new balance .Sending you every good wish and blessings or the next chapter with much gratitude

  6. Brenda Avatar

    I have just met you through Sketchbook Revival, and will miss seeing you in my emails. I absolutely love the way you add Father God into your book and emails. I believe that this is a great time for you and your family. Enjoy and Happy Journaling!!!

  7. Christina Avatar

    I’ve home educated my son for the past 6 years. I know how time consuming that is. Good Luck on your new journey and if you ever need any suggestions on sites for homeschool related things give a yell!

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