The Best Affiliate Programs for DIY Bloggers

Download this list of the best affiliate programs for DIY bloggers. Love this because you don't have to have a huge blog to make money with affiliate marketing.

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Hey blogging friends! My Best Affiliate Programs for DIY Bloggers PDF is no longer available, but here are some resources you’ll enjoy:

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Here’s my original post, because it still rings true:

I’ve probably Googled, “best affiliate programs for DIY bloggers” one hundred times since starting this blog. It’s been changed up to “creativity bloggers” and “craft bloggers” but the gist has been the same. Was there any way for me, as a creative blogger, to make an income from affiliate sales?

The reason I’m so passionate about this subject is not because I am dying to be the next six figure income blogger. My version of success equals me being able to stay home with my daughter and not return to the workforce. I love the freedom and flexibility of being home, and blogging has allowed me to use my creative muscles on a daily basis. This is pretty much my dream job.

What I love about affiliate marketing is it levels the playing field to some extent. It doesn’t matter if you have a small audience. It doesn’t matter if you just started blogging last week. I’ve talked to folks who literally just started their blog and a week later, made their first affiliate sale.

As a DIY or craft blogger, you’re using supplies to make your projects. By linking to affiliate programs where your readers are able to buy the supplies you used, you’re doing your readers a favor. They don’t have to do the research to find out where you got everything.

Affiliate sales don’t just drop into your lap, of course. You do the work of finding the right classes that fit your audience. You buy the products and see if they work. Basically, you’re the researcher and the test group—getting out there to find products that will help your people do their job better as well as testing them out on yourself.

But since I’m talking to a DIY and creative audience, this “research” isn’t that painful. I test out porcelain pens and classes on hand-lettering. It’s pretty awesome.

Many DIY bloggers think the only way they can earn a decent income through their blog is by using ads. You can see this mentality pretty quickly if you click on a popular DIY pin on Pinterest. Most of the time, that post will be filled with ads. I’m not judging—these creatives spend a LOT of time thinking up projects, sourcing the materials, creating them, photographing them, and writing about the process.

I just think there’s a better way.

Even if you have a smaller blog, you’re putting in the time and effort to share your creative projects. And if you’re waiting on ad income, you’re probably only making pennies a day. I’ve talked to so many frustrated bloggers who work so hard and make very little. They started their blogs in hopes to be able to make a side income but they’re discovering that they have to work a LOT for very little pay.

One of the beautiful things about blogging is you can earn income in several different ways. Affiliate sales is one of those opportunities, and it’s not just for the “business bloggers” out there.

Being an affiliate for a company you LOVE is a win-win-win: a win for the company you’re promoting because you’ve given them a sale, a win for your readers and friends because they get to enjoy an awesome product, and a win for you because you’re able to make an income and keep your business growing!

Have a lovely {and creative} day!

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    1. You’re welcome, Jessi, and thanks for downloading the workbook! I hope it’s a helpful tool for you. Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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