It's miniature bunting time! I love these ideas on how to use bunting—I'm definitely going to try these this year. :)

Five Fun Ways to Use Miniature Bunting

Miniature bunting isn’t just for decorating a space! You can use it in a myriad of ways to bring a little cheer to your life.

I’m loving miniature bunting right now. Maybe because almost anything on a miniature scale is really cute, but mostly because I’m in the midst of birthday/Christmas season at my house. As I was cutting out the bunting for the pictures in this post, I could hardly believe that in just a few short weeks, my kiddo is having yet another birthday. The wall behind her art table is definitely getting decorated with miniature bunting, and I think her bunny cottage might need some as well.

But whether or not you’re celebrating a birthday, there are several different ways to use bunting to decorate. Here are my five favorite ways:

Five Fun Ways to Use Miniature Bunting

Decorate a space—let’s get the obvious one out of the way first, shall we? When I think of bunting, I think of paper or fabric draped across a wall (or any space.) I think of birthday parties and weddings and other celebrations. Nothing wrong with that. But you can also take this concept to a smaller level. Use miniature bunting to decorate an inspiration board. Drape it across the corners of a colorful canvas. Hang it in your kitchen, for goodness’ sake. Like I mentioned above, for my daughter’s birthday this year, I’m planning on taping a strand with washi tape over her art table.

20 pages of printable gift wrap, bunting, and tag goodness! Love it!

Send it in the mail—Miniature bunting can be cut out, taped onto a ribbon, and then carefully folded and tucked into a card for a friend. What a nice surprise that would be to open a card and find a little bunting waiting with a sweet message. You could also tape the bunting inside the card if it’s just a short word like “love” or something like that. Super cute.

Adorable circle bunting from The Creative Retreat Gift Wrap Bundle. Need this!

Make a mobile—I was in a fancy grocery store recently (kind of like a Whole Foods, but local) and noticed in the gift section that there were small paper mobiles hanging. On closer inspection, I realized they were actually the same concept as bunting except they were hanging straight down. To make your own “bunting mobile”, you can cut out circles and sew them in a straight line. Be sure to leave a long string of thread on one side so you can hang your mobile. If you stack the circles on top of each other and fold them, the circles become three-dimensional. Too cute.

Wrap bunting around a gift for a unique and easy way to dress up a present. Love the kraft paper + bunting look!

Wrap a gift—I’m loving this idea this year. You cut out circles, sew them with contrasting thread, and then wrap them around a gift. It looks so nice. And if you’re a sewing newbie like me, know that this is really easy to do. A straight stitch is all you need. If you’d rather just decorate the top of the package with bunting, that works too! There will definitely be presents wrapped this way under our Christmas tree this year.

Decorate a tree—Speaking of Christmas, why not use miniature bunting to replace the garland of yesteryear? You can use circle bunting as pictured above or even more traditional “flag” bunting. How sweet would that be? You can also decorate smaller trees like the fabric one your aunt made when you were little.

Cutest cupcake flags ever. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and all sorts of tiny celebrations. From The Creative Retreat Gift Wrap bundle.

The thing I love about miniature bunting is it is so festive and celebratory and can be used all throughout the year for whatever occasion you can dream up. I didn’t mention this in the list above, but the flag bunting triangles on their own can be taped to toothpicks to decorate cupcakes too.

If you like the designs pictured in this post, then check out my Gift Wrap Bundle. It’s 20 pages of printable gift wrap, gift tags, cards, and of course, miniature bunting. You’ll also get instructions on how to use each of the printables. Pretty cool!

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The Creative Retreat Gift Wrap Bundle is 20 pages of printable gift wrap, tags, cards, and of course, miniature bunting.

Hope you have a lovely {and creative} day!


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2 responses to “Five Fun Ways to Use Miniature Bunting”

  1. Elizabeth Avatar

    These are some great ideas, Jennie! I especially like the gift wrap and the tree trim. I think we’ll give these two a try at our house this year! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Jennie Avatar

      That’s wonderful, Elizabeth! 🙂 I hope you have fun decorating with bunting. 🙂 Have a great day!

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