I need a beach retreat and love these ideas for those of us who are land-locked! :) This post totally made me smile—so going to do this with a couple of my friends in a couple of weeks!

How to Take a Beach Retreat (Even if You’re Land-locked)

I’m writing this post on how to create your own beach retreat on a rainy and cold day here in Oregon. My daughter is in preschool, and I’m in the car sipping piping hot green tea trying to conjure up what it feels like to be at the ocean on a summery day.

Growing up in Southern California we didn’t go to the ocean all of the time, but we went enough that I probably took it for granted. Those warm beach days of walking for what felt like miles down the sandy shore were very missed when I moved inland for college (and then lived in two more inland states before moving back!)

One thing I have learned is, whether you’re experiencing a rainy Pacific Northwest day or living in a small Colorado town, you can still pamper yourself and enjoy a beach retreat. You just have to get creative.

So, let’s see, what would make a nice beach atmosphere?

The image above has several ideas such as cozying up with fun beach read, painting your nails a summery shade, and making a delicious tropical tasting smoothie. Yum. You should make the smoothie even if you’re not pining for the ocean right now. I need to put pineapple on my grocery list so I can make one this week!

Anyway, one of my favorite ways to spoil myself is with a simple foot scrub. I’ve adapted this particular scrub endlessly, have gifted it to many friends, and it works beautifully in the winter or the summer. Be prepared to have some really happy feet!

This recipe is for one application but you can easily double the ingredients to make more. As with many foot scrubs, if the mixture seems too wet for your taste, add more sugar. And if it seems to dry, add a bit more oil.

How to make a refreshing coconut mint foot scrub

You will need:

1 heaping TBS coconut oil, melted
2 TBS coconut sugar
1 drop peppermint essential oil

Place coconut oil in a small glass bowl, and add the coconut sugar. Add one drop of peppermint essential oil (a little goes a long way if you’re using pure essential oil), and mix.

Wet one foot slightly with warm water and massage the scrub into the the foot. You can also use the scrub on your legs if you have a little extra. Rinse off with warm water, and pat dry with a towel.


Coconut sugar used to be difficult to find but I can now get it in the bulk food section at our local discount grocery store. You can sub brown sugar but might need a little extra. Coconut sugar has a rich aroma, similar to molasses, that is very soothing. Add the peppermint for a vibrant boost and the aroma of coconut oil, and your feet will thank you.

Now that your feet have been taken care of, you can enjoy your beach retreat!

P.S. Here’s the recipe for the paradise smoothie if the image above is unclear:

1 cup almond milk
1 banana
1 cup pineapple
1/2 cup frozen mango
2 frozen cubes of coconut milk (4 TBS total)
Blend, and enjoy!



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2 responses to “How to Take a Beach Retreat (Even if You’re Land-locked)”

  1. LISA RUSSO Avatar

    That looks excellent! I’m in Southern California, but rarely go oceanside. I like your relaxing idea.

  2. ~Meredith Avatar

    Jennie! I love your “mini retreat” ideas! We have had a really rough few months and now that my husband’s health is finally allowing him to return to work this week (after 14 months) I am planning a few mini retreats in the coming weeks to help me find my own space and reconnect with my inner mojo! I love this and living in the midlands of the UK, but coming from a coastal city in Australia, I think I really need to spend some “inland beach time” with myself! Thank you so much!! ~M x

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