Write Your Sponsored Child With These Easy Tips

If you sponsor a child, you've probably learned how important it is to write your child. But what if you're not a natural letter-writer? What should you say? These tips will help you break through your writer's block AND you'll also be able to download a free stationery template for your letters!

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Write your sponsored child today with these fun (and easy) tips! And be sure to print the free letter writing template too. 🙂

Today I’m going to share a few fun tips to write your sponsored child, but you could easily use these ideas for writing your own child or nieces and nephews. All kids like to receive real mail, right?

One of the joys of sponsoring a child comes in being able to communicate with them. I love receiving letters from the girls we sponsor and hearing what is going on in their lives.

I imagine them on the other side of the world, sitting with pencil and paper, and writing whatever comes to mind:  “I love mangoes. Do you?” Smile. Yes, we do! The connections are sometimes so simple.

It might be easy to get on board with the idea of helping a child who is need, but when it comes to actually writing them, uh, what are you supposed to say?

Write Your Sponsored Child—3 Ideas

Keep your letters brief.

Typically letters have to be translated so half of the page on which you write will be for the translation anyway. I’ve also found that when I write shorter letters, it makes it easier for me to write more often. Tell someone that they need to write a ten page letter once a month and it might never get done but anyone can take 15 minutes to write a quick note.

Write for your child.

Think about the things you liked to talk about when you were a child. Imagine you’re writing a letter to your own child or a niece or nephew. Tell them about your pets or what it’s like where you live (do you live in a desert, a large city, a small town in the mountains?) Tell them a funny story about your childhood.

Be yourself.

Most importantly, be yourself and be encouraging. Pray for them and tell them that you are praying for them. Who knows how a few words of encouragement can truly change their life?

When I first began sponsoring children I felt I had to write something amazing. Except I couldn’t think of anything that would fall into that category since my life was pretty ordinary. Unfortunately, that meant I didn’t write very much.

I didn’t realize I was missing out on a great opportunity to encourage someone. I’ve now learned to just do it rather than overthink everything. Once a month (or so), I sit down and write our girls. I tell them what we’ve been up to and sometimes enclose a picture or two of us. My letters aren’t stellar but they’re something. I pray that they will at least bring some hope and joy to their lives. Their letters back to us definitely make my day! 🙂

Click this link for a free letter writing template to write your sponsored child.

I think it is more important to write frequently than to write a huge novel once a year, so the templates reflect that and only take up half a page. Remember to leave the bottom half blank so a translation will fit. 🙂

Have fun!


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