Time, Money, and Organization - Show me the Money (for crafts!) - Are you frustrated because you never have enough money for craft or creative projects? Well, you're not alone. In this podcast episode, I'll share some thoughts about how to save and earn a bit of craft cash as well as talk about some deeper issues regarding money. You won't want to miss it! via littlegirldesigns.com

Time, Money, and Organization: Show Me The Money

Today we’re going to be talking about Money, namely how to make and save money for crafts and creative supplies. I’ll also be sharing additional thoughts concerning money that I think are important to address. If you’re new to this series, I’m sharing tips on the lack of time, lack of money, and disorganization issues that we face as creatives. To listen to last week’s episode on time, click here. Below the audio player are some resources I think will be helpful for you. Enjoy!

Show Me The Money For Crafts (and Creative Supplies) 🙂

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Money Resources

17 Ways I Save on Craft Supplies—Here’s another article I wrote on this very subject!

As I mentioned in this episode, there are many resources out there when it comes to debt reduction and savings. We’ve found Dave Ramsey‘s methods to be helpful and though we’ve changed them a bit for our circumstances, we’ve found his overall principles to be great.

Recently, I read a book called Slaying the Debt Dragon, which I think is a great resource for those who are just starting down this path. I found some great takeaways and appreciated their perspective.

(On a side note, check your local library for these books if you can’t afford to purchase them right now. I love our library!)

I’ve been a reader of moneysavingmom.com for many years and have appreciated Crystal’s many tips on saving money. She also regularly shares freebies and coupons with her readers. This site a great resource to have bookmarked.

Last year I began using Swagbucks again and have been pleased to find that I can earn a decent amount of gift cards through them. I recommend using the search bar a few times a day, taking a survey here and there, and doing the poll on an almost daily basis. There’s no need to waste time using it, but if you’re going to search for something on the internet anyway, you might as well use something that can reward you. Note that while you are always rewarded points for surveys and polls, you are only rewarded points for search results intermittently. Still, those points will add up; I usually get Amazon gift cards to buy gifts and supplies throughout the year.

For those who are going the shop your house route, I highly recommend Keri Smith’s books, particularly How to Be an Explorer of the World. I bought this book years ago and smiled when I started to go through it because I felt like my mom had written it. 🙂 And that’s a high compliment. You’ll find that as you work through the various “assignments” in this book that almost anything can be used for creative practice. You’ll also discover this is a great book for getting out of creative ruts and pushing your boundaries as a maker.

Well, that’s it (for now) when it comes to talking about money for crafts. I hope this episode was helpful to you; it’s been a lot of fun to record these each week for you. Next week, we’re going to tackle organization, whoohoo! I can’t wait to share some thoughts with you on that one. But until then, have a lovely and creative day, friends.



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