Take a Nap Time Retreat

A nap time retreat is just what I NEED! Usually I spend the whole time feeling guilty because I have so many things to do. This post really encouraged me to use that time to get re-energized and to rest. LOVE.

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Have you ever taken a nap time retreat? They’re pretty much the best thing ever. And you absolutely, positively deserve one.

It feels like it was just yesterday when my baby would finally fall asleep for her nap, and I’d be left with a feeling of frantic excitement . . .What should I DO while she slept?

I knew I probably should sleep too since I earned an F in getting her into a luxurious sleep routine. But I always felt this pressure to do something more than plop down on my bed. So I would make a list:

Get Ready
Straighten House
Write a Blog Post
Photograph a Craft (for blog)
(and on and on and on)

Now for those of you who are Mamas, you’re probably chuckling. Isn’t that so cute how I thought I could do all of that in an hour (or two, depending?) The truth is, what often happened was I would do a few things on The List and then realize I was exhausted and really needed to sleep. I’d curl up in my bed and . . . you know what happens next. My baby would wake up.

(She had a sixth sense about me resting. No sirree, mommy!)

It wasn’t until late in the game with her that I realized that although getting things done were a great and fine way to spend a nap time, what I REALLY needed was a Nap Time Retreat. Otherwise known as me-time.

Before I dive into some ideas of what to do on a nap time retreat, I want to say that you don’t have to take one of these every single day. Unfortunately, the dishes do need to be done. But please do treat yourself to these as much as you can. You deserve it.

Prepping for Your Nap Time Retreat

I was going to call these “Nap Time Retreat Rules” but then realized that there are many of us (ahem) who immediately want to do the opposite if we sense someone bossing us around. So these are just ideas. Run with them and adapt them to what you need.

Before your sweet little munchkin goes down for a nap, get your retreat gear in order:

And here’s the KEY . . .

Choose ONE activity. Only one.

I know it’s hard. I always wanted to do all the things or nothing at all. I still have this tendency. But for your sanity and to make this a real retreat where you feel refreshed and energized at the end of it . . . choose one thing.

This activity has to be something you want to do.

It could be:

By the way, this prep is vital to your success.

When your munchkin drifts off, you don’t want to be left running around trying to figure out what you should do. You’ll be able to immediately start your retreat, which is awesome.

The Nap Time Retreat Itself

This retreat, is simplicity at its best. Light a candle or put your favorite essential oil in the diffuser. Maybe put on some quiet music. Cozy up in your favorite chair, and do your thing.

The point is to relax, to let yourself pause, and to re-energize your body. It is so easy as women to go-go-go and to feel a constant pressure to do even more.

I mentioned above that I used to feel like I needed to post on my blog and take pictures of crafts during my baby’s nap times, and you guys. I didn’t even have this blog at the time. I was literally wanting to keep up with my personal blog that only my mom and a couple of friends read.

All of this internal pressure adds up, and we need a healthy place to let go every once in a while. Enter the nap time retreat.

This is a place of grace and rest. No guilt here. You’re allowed to do the “silly things” that are “time-wasters” such as knitting, coloring, and painting your nails. (Or whatever it is that you’ve convinced yourself is for other people, not for you.)

You’re allowed to read The Lord of the Rings for the 15th time (I mean, why wouldn’t you?!), and if a healthy snack sounds bleh because that’s all you eat these days, go ahead and eat the cookie. One cookie won’t kill you.

Also, if you’re absolutely exhausted, give yourself permission to lather up your feet with lotion, put on some cotton socks, and call that your pedicure. And then go take a nap.

And here’s another key: remind yourself that there will be more opportunities to take these retreats. Knowing this takes the pressure off, and it allows you to sink into the moment, rather than feeling a little frantic.

When your kiddo wakes up, she’ll be greeted with a mommy who has a smile on her face and most importantly, peace in her heart. And that’s good for everyone, right?

Please let me know in the comments that I’m not the only one who had an impossible Nap Time To Do List. It will make me feel better. 🙂

Hope you have a lovely {and creative} day!

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