Make a summer scrapbook with these fun ideas! This is a great and simple project for kids to put together. I used to make these every summer with my mom!

A Summer Scrapbook

When I was a kid, I loved making my annual summer scrapbook. Armed with paper, glue sticks, pens, scissors, and magazines, I would fill up page after page of the scrapbook with pictures of outfits I loved, lyrics from my favorite songs, and things I wanted to do during the summer months.

My mom usually brought this project out a week or so before our 10-hour road trip from our little town in Southern California to Grandma’s house in Northern California. Something about a new scrapbook inspired me. What would the coming months hold?

In light of those happy summer scrapbook memories, I decided to write this post. This is a great project for kids, but hey, I think it’s fun for adults too.

Ideas for Making a Summer Scrapbook

You will need:

Blank paper (printer paper works fine)
3 ring binder or notebook
Hole punch
Glue stick
Ziploc bag

To get started, gather your supplies.

  • Initially go through the magazines and tear out the pages you’ll want. Pages of large text (from ads) are great. You can cut out individual letters and create fun messages with those. After gleaning pictures and text from the magazines, place the pages into a large Ziploc bag with some of your go-to supplies. Now you’ll be able to work on your scrapbook without having to pull out every single supply again.
  • Go on a nature walk and gather leaves or other small treasures. Tape them into the scrapbook or place them in a small clear bag and tape that onto a page. Write what you saw or doodle around your findings.
  • If you drink coffee or tea, purposely drip a few drops of your drink onto a page. Let it dry completely, then decorate the page. I love the subtle effect that coffee stains make. Sometimes I’ll draw over them or journal. (You could also create a similar effect by watering down paint and dripping it across a page.)
  • Use a page to draw your day. Stick figures are fine. Just have fun!
  • A summer scrapbook is a great way to use up extra bits of craft supplies. Buttons, pieces of felt and fabric, ribbon, and zippers can be used to decorate pages.
  • Use your color printer to print off pictures and decorate the scrapbook pages. I really like using my printer for pictures because I can resize them to be smaller and then fit many more pictures on each page. You can also get 50 free prints with Shutterfly and decorate your pages with those pictures. I’ve used Shutterfly for years and have always been pleased with the quality of their products.
  • As you do activities this summer, keep an eye out for “scrapbook-friendly” items. Have everyone doodle on a paper napkin while you’re at a restaurant, date it, and add it to the scrapbook. Pick up a brochure at the zoo. Take pictures in front of the library. Make each day a mini-adventure and chronicle it!
  • Use clear sheets for the pages if you want to protect them rather than hole-punching. This will also serve as a pocket for larger items.
  • Create a family scrapbook. Each family member can decorate their own pages through the summer. In August, gather together the pages and put them in a one-inch binder. It would be a fun activity to go through the scrapbook together for family night!

Have you ever made a summer scrapbook?

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8 responses to “A Summer Scrapbook”

  1. Kristen from The Road to Domestication Avatar
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I love this! I’ve never made a summer scrapbook before! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up with us over at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again on Friday!

    1. Jennie Avatar

      You’re welcome! Have FUN! 🙂 🙂

  2. Kim Cunningham Avatar
    Kim Cunningham

    This is a fab idea for my kids! You are so talented and full of fun things to do!

    1. Jennie Avatar

      🙂 Thanks, Kim! I always loved making these when I was a kid. 🙂

  3. All that's Jas Avatar
    All that’s Jas

    Free printables rock! Thanks for linking up with Thursday Favorite Things!

    1. Jennie Avatar

      Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy!

  4. Donna Wirthlin Avatar
    Donna Wirthlin

    Great download–we love scrapbooking at our house! Thanks!

    1. Jennie Avatar

      Thank you–hope you have fun with it! 🙂

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